I have a question for anyone with direct experience renting a golf cart at Versailles.

Will I need to reserve the cart in advance or will the tour director assist with this?
Are credit cards accepted or cash only?
Are the carts strictly for the gardens or are there paths around the edifice as well?
Are 1.5 hours enough time?
Are the carts easy to drive? (don't laugh...I still have nightmares about bumper cars at Coney Island.)

Thanks in advance!


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    I'm looking at this also. I couldn't find anywhere to rent in advance, so we will just walk up and try to rent. I have no idea on the payment accepted either. There is a map on the Versailles website that shows where the carts can run, I'll try to attach it here. I think 1.5 hours on the cart will be enough for us, but you can also rent them in increments of I believe 15 minutes after that. I'm presuming they will be very easy to drive (they're electric), but we have a golf cart in Arizona. (It was very easy to learn)

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    Thank you! I didn't have much luck when I was researching and completely missed the map. Hopefully, we will get more input. If not, I'll just ask the tour director(s) at the start of our trip.

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    edited July 2022

    Ya might want to look at this link: https://en.chateauversailles.fr/plan-your-visit/facilities/small-electric-vehicles#opening-hours-and-access

    According to Fodors, "The carts are pretty popular and cannot be reserved."

    An old comment on TripAdvisor, "golf carts exist but the odds you will be able to rent one without a long wait are very low"

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