New Small Ship Cruise of Canada and New England

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For those who might be interested, Tauck published an e-mail earlier today announcing the release of the aforementioned cruise. It is now listed on their website but only the 2023 dates are published.

I'll be ready to book for 2024 as soon as those dates are released! My only disappointment is the location of the hotel in Manhattan. I would prefer to not stay in Times Square; however, we can always change locations for our post-stay.


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    Thanks, kfnknfzk, I've been trying to track down that itinerary. I agree, I avoid Times Square for sure, love staying in the E. 20s or near Grand Central. But given the price of Manhattan hotels, I'm sure Tauck has its reasons.

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    I assume people may want to be near the theatres and some of the museums. One of my favorite sites is the little known Tenement museum. The Highline is nice. Once took a great day tour of the Brooklyn area. We are lucky, we can drive to NY in under two hours from Philly.

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    Oh too bad, this new cruise is too much If This is Tuesday, it must be Belgium for me, so no thanks. I'd much rather enjoy a week at some of these ports, And two days at sea! I did enjoy the "decent"-led tour. (I wrote Tauck re a few edits.)

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    I love the Tenement Museum and some of the eateries inside the Highline building. So many unusual places in the City. There once was a doll hospital owned by a delightful elderly man who performed "surgeries" on dolls (57th and Madison I believe). His workshop was very cluttered with rows and rows of shelves holding arms, legs, heads, et al. Sadly the owner died many years ago, so it no longer exists.

    Regarding Grand Central Terminal, there is a bar area upstairs that serves the best oysters I ever had! It's also a great place to view all the scurrying people below as they come and go to and from the trains.

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    Kfn….my hubby says he has been there, he ought to take me on our next visit, I can inhale oysters, I love them

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    We'll be there this October...we'll save some bar stools for you.

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    We ordered Irish Coffees at the the Campbell Bar in Grand Central on a very windy, very cold winter afternoon. Worst we ever has - mine was cold and there was no whipped cream! Just a dab of whiskey in bad coffee! The Oyster Bar was closed but looks like a wonderful place to dine under the beautiful Gustavino tiles.

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