Requirements for Entry into Spain and Portugal for 2022 Spain and Portugal Tour

Does anyone have a link to and/or information on the requirements to enter Spain and Portugal for the Tauck tour there this Fall/2022? Or is specific information on this on the Tauck site? I want not successful locating it, if it is there.

I am transiting through Madrid/MAD to Porto/OPO from the US and would appreciate assistance knowing what documents are needed in order to enter Spain for the connecting flight to Porto/OPO. Entering Portugal doesn't seem to require proof of vaccination or anything else, right?

But to enter Spain, it appears that non-EU travelers need to go to the Spanish Travel Health Portal to complete the SpTH Health Control Form within 48 hours of entering Spain, to secure a QR code?

Alternatively, it might be possible to get a PCR test? Thank you!


  • You are correct except it is 72 hours. This is a link to FAQ’s: I am told, but have not verified, that you can start it at anytime if you have your travel details and complete it within 72 hours of departure by answering the health related questions. You should get a QR code immediately thereafter.

  • Go to the main Tauck tour website -- Look for the dark green bar at the top of the page (the second bar) that says "View Latest Travel Updates" and click on the button.

    Under Travel Updates, click on "View Travel Requirements". There will be Tauck's general requirements, then you scroll down until you get to the Destination requirements and your specific tour. It will tell you the information you need.

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