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I have a connecting flight from the US in Frankfurt going to Paris for my river cruise, with one and one half hour connection. While only minor disabled, at my age I can’t run through airports so I won’t miss flights! Or even walk very quickly. I will have only hand luggage. Some some suggested I ask for wheelchair at Frankfort airport. Advice please?


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    I do this all the time for my husband so he has an easier time through airports. Simply go to the airline's website and after entering your flight/other identifying data, look for the "special assistance" link and select "wheelchair." If you are taking the same airline all the way through to Paris, you are set. If changing planes, you may need to enter the information again on the other airline's website.

    Upon arrival at the airport, go to the counter or look for an agent. Let them know you have reserved a wheelchair. Before landing in Frankfurt, remind the flight attendant that you have reserved a wheelchair. Do the same thing as you are about to land in Paris.

    I have done this for several years now and have never had a problem. Please send me a private message if these instructions are unclear. If you are unclear as to how to send a private message, respond to this note and I will send you a private message and will walk you through the process.

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    It might be worth remembering that people who require wheelchairs have to deplane last, don’t they? Worth thinking about with short timings
    At one time, you could only request a wheelchair when you booked the flight, in my limited experience getting a wheelchair for a parent. Has this changed?

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    Carole18sue. - Not sure if you’ve been on other Tauck river cruises but be aware you will also be climbing on and off buses and walking distances, sometimes over uneven cobblestones. Also, there is no elevator to the upper deck and the stairs are steep. Just wanted to make you aware and I certainly hope you have a wonderful trip. Tauck river cruises are special.

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    There are good videos on u tube about connecting thru Frankfurt airport. Also, your flight in could be early and the connecting flight could be delayed so it could add extra time.

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    Austin’s girl here: All of the above comments are true. During my last USA flight while trying out my new knee replacement, I was doing very well but was a little concerned about transfers and getting to connecting flights quickly. The station agent that checked us in made a note on every connection for me and there was always a wheel chair waiting at the gate. This made the entire trip do able.

    Really looking forward to trying out the new knee in Tauck Egypt Valley of the Kings Feb 2023

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    We have always used this service in business/first class. Yes, we typically have to wait until other business/first class passengers deplane, but we have exited first on a few occasions when connection times have been tight. No, you do not have to request this at time of booking. As I indicated, you can do it at any time when you log in with your airline flight information.

    The process is very efficient and because you are whisked through all checkpoints, we are typically the first at the luggage carousel. I am usually the one semi-sprinting to keep up with the attendant. The service is free, but I always tip generously (and discreetly), especially when the attendant has taken us through security...to the lounge...to the gate...to the plane...off the plane...through immigration...to the carousel.

    As a side note, it was an Air France ticket agent who arranged for a wheel chair after she witnessed my husband being pushed and shoved around in line about eight (8) years ago. After that, I have always reserved one. I don't even have to ask anymore since Tauck has a notation in our file. I always check with Viewtrip afterwards to make sure it shows on our itinerary.

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