Are sports jackets for men encouraged at dinner on this trip?

My wife and I are set for the Sept. 9th “Best of Canadian Rockies” tour. The Tauck literature says that men may want to bring a sports jacket. How serious a suggestion is this? Are others bound for this trip bringing one? I would prefer strongly to not go beyond business casual for any event on the trip. However, I don’t want to offend others if a sports jacket is expected at times.


  • You will hear opposite opinions…my guy brings one, many do not. It’s your trip…do as you’re inclined!

  • Don’t recall any sports coats on our 2018 Canadian Rockies trip!

  • Thank you Nancy and Gogi0418 for your responses to my post. Business casual it is then!

  • We were on this trip in July. The restaurants are casual, and the get-together and farewell dinners are more like bar-b-ques., So there really is not much need for a jacket unless you are concerned about being cold, which should not be a problem in September. Enjoy!

  • We are going on this trip in July as well. We we thinking all along that a jacket for the men would be over the top, Your comment has helped make the decision easy.

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