Vatican tour

Question for anyone who has been on this tour recently:
Does this tour still include the private evening at the Vatican?
It is still showing on the itinerary but I was wondering if that has changed post Covid?


  • If it shows on the itinerary for your specific date then it is included. As Tauck always forewarns, events outside of their control can occur which might necessitate schedule or itinerary changes.

  • We just returned from this tour in early October 2022 and the evening at Sistine chapel was not private. Apparently, the Vatican opened the evenings to all so there was no opportunity for private viewing at the time we were there. We did have a wonderful tour guide who skillfully navigated through the halls and crowds.

  • Thank you for responding
    How was the tour overall?

  • edited October 2022

    Tauck's Classic Italy and other Italy tours are just 11 or 12 (on a scale from 1 - 10)! :D

  • I was there in May and no private tour. It’s the Vatican that makes these decisions. I was told a few weeks ahead of the tour and Tauck compensated everyone with $100.00 which arrived after the tour. It is a fabulous tour. You’ll love it!

  • Thanks everyone for your comments
    We are doing this tour in April 2023
    This will be our first Tauck trip so I’ve been reading many of the reviews and comments and it sounds like we will be happy we chose Tauck!!

  • We just returned a day ago from Croatia, a tour that ended in Venice. On our way to the airport, a couple just returning from Classic Italy tour (I think) said they had a private experience in the Vatican.

  • They were very lucky!

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