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Anyone on this trip or recently returned? We are arriving in Lake Como a day early. My husband had a stroke 10 years ago, and while he is ok, he does tire easily with a lot of walking. I’m hoping there will be some places to ‘park him’ if he gets too tired. Thank you for your info and we’ll take walking sticks for him. Any info on the trip is appreciated. We added 3 nights in Capri on the back end.


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    My husband has that issue because of his back. You won’t have any trouble at Lake Como, but by the time we got to Rome we were taking a few breaks to rejuvenate. We were on this trip the first part of June and it was quite warm in Rome. Also, walking at Sienna is the most difficult part of the trip. It’s a great trip and you will love it.

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    The towns on Lake Como are, in general, built on the hillside. There can be some up and down walking to see parts of the towns.

    I was there some years ago and don't remember all of it.

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    Bellagio is one of the main towns on Lake Como and it has been a key stop on 2 of our Tauck trips. Bellagio is straight up hill after a hundred yards walk from the small boat.

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    We had an unscheduled stop at Bellagio on our Switzerland tour. Narrow cobbled stone streets with fun shopping opportunities. However, you can also stay down on the flat Gateshead the lake and have a drink.

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