Normandy, Loire valley, Etc.

Has anyone taken this trip to Normandy recently, and is there anything you found that would be helpful to know? we are excited to be travelling again, still cautious, but ready to go! We are on the Sept 9 tour from Versailles. Thanks in advance.


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    Which tour are you taking- Castles & Kings or Normandy, Brittany, Paris & Loire Valley?

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    Normandy, Brittany, Paris and Loire. thx.

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    edited September 2022

    Ok, are you going in 2022, departing in two days, or 2023?

    Have you checked the forum archives? In the categories list at the right of the page, select France > Normandy, Brittany, Paris & the Loire Valley. Claudia Sails did an extensive review last year. Below are links to her posts, but there will be good info in other threads listed as well.

    Day 1 Activities: https://forums.tauck.com/discussion/14440/day-1-activities/p1

    12 Sep 21 tour review.: https://forums.tauck.com/discussion/15122/12-sep-21-tour-review

    12 Sep 21 tour - Day by day review: https://forums.tauck.com/discussion/15123/12-sep-21-tour-day-by-day-review

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    Markfao, we are currently on the Normandy tour, and it is absolutely stellar. Our tour director Eve is wonderful, and the sights and sounds of France are stunning. I would recommend coming in a day early to tour Versailles on your own and catch up with jet lag. We are on Day 5 in Port Crouesty. Bring raincoat and umbrella. Absolutely no one is masking in France - anywhere. Maybe 1 in 200. We masked in the airport and getting on the plane. We lost one couple due to a positive test on our very first full day, they had just come off a London/Paris tour and thought they were just tired. Guess not.

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