air fare and tauck insurance

Does the Tauck Insurance (AON) cover airline tickets if purchased through a travel agent? I know it's not covered if you purchase it yourself.


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    Yes, no matter how you booked. Tauck refunds fares directly if you booked through them. Otherwise, your optional Tauck issued insurance (AON) covers your airfare regardless of how you booked your flights- thru a TA or self- if you meet the policy qualifying criteria.

    The criteria used to include, and may still include, cancellation of the trip by Tauck (we have always rolled over flights/refund/credits so have not needed the AON insurance in this case), most medical emergencies that prevent you from traveling, and even cancellation due to a medical emergency that results in hospitalization of a non-traveling, immediate family member, even if they are no longer a dependent. (We have used both of those.)

    I am not an insurance agent so you need to read the policy details to see what is covered. You need to do some digging but the policy used to be somewhere on the Tauck website and/or at a link in the eGreen Book.

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    Covered “including booked by others”, same coverage as if booked thru Tauck. See the definitions for “Air Travel Arrangements” and “Travel Arrangements”. As Alan said above, be sure to read the terms and conditions in the policy…you can find it in the drop down menu on the home page. I’m a retired insurance geek!

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