Check Your Suitcase: Maui bans non-mineral sunscreen to protect coral reefs

edited October 2022 in Hawaii

Visitors and residents of Maui County should check the back of their sunscreen bottles. Starting Saturday, Oct. 1, a new law goes into effect that bans non-mineral sunscreens across Maui, Lanai and Molokai.


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    I have a skin condition called Polymorphous light eruption, so I have to very careful in the sun. Fortunately the sun screen I use is zinc oxide based, but it is expensive. There is no substitute for covering up with clothing. I swim every day in the warmer six months of the year, but I use a swim guard with long sleeves. I try to cover up on vacation. If I swim there, I wear a traditional swimsuit and plaster sunscreen on, otherwise Tauck would never have me as their unofficial swimsuit model 😂. I’m a bit naughty about not putting sunscreen on my legs which are less prone to breakout but that is kinda stupid because it’s one of the most common places for melanoma. Anyway, the sunscreen must be working for both of us because people seem to think we are ten years younger than we are 😂

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