Prescription and OTC meds

Do they need to be in original packaging?


  • Suggest you look at the Customs and Immigration Page for each Country to get the most up to date information. Safe travels!

  • In 2019 we just used our "pill-minder" weekly containers, pre-packed for 3 weeks and nothing was questioned. We did, however, also bring a list of the prescriptions just in case. We carried them in our roller carry-on and no one batted an eye.

  • I have never ever carried with me the containers that pills come in from the pharmacy. I always put my meds in daily “pill-pockets”, small plastic zip-lock packets. I have never been questioned in all the 50+ countries I’ve visited. The large bottles that pills come in take up too much room in my opinion.

  • We never carry our bottles either, but we bring a printed copy of our drug prescriptions we get off our patient portals and I’ve actually got a printout of the photos of my pills, slightly out of date as one of my generics has changed and it’s a different color and shape than previously. We aren’t keen on generics but that’s a different subject.
    In the past on this forum, I remembered someone did have some supplements confiscated when they entered Australia.

  • British, I’m not keen on generics either. You do not know where the medication you are taking is being manufactured. I always inquire about that. It could be India, Pakistan, Mexico, Turkey, etc. I prefer my meds to to be made in the U.S.or Canada. There was a whole episode on 60 minutes years ago that generics do not have the same ingredients as a non generic medication. That was the deal breaker for me to make sure where my meds came from.

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