Recommended excursions offered at the Singular Patagonia

We may have one day to do an excursion - which one is a must do??


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    It really depends on your interests. The hotel offered several nature activities + a trip into town. People were enthusiastic about the condor hike, but did mention it was windy and wet/chilly that day in October. A cave visit was supposedly a lot of hiking for not much reward. You will warm up in BA. Enjoy!

  • Condor tour was not enjoyable by my husband and his fellow 8 hikers. I loved loved horseback riding ! So scenic

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    llasik - Why was condor tour not enjoyable? What made the horseback riding so wonderful? I feel like we will be choosing beween these two and originally thought condo watching would be the choice, but you have me rethinking this. What month did you go there and what was the weather like for you?

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    I'll let Ilasik answer, but I believe from older posts, the walk can be a bit tough, you may not see condors, and if it is cold and especially if the wind is blowing it can be downright miserable. Just type "condor" in the search window at the upper right of this window to see the older posts.

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