Ocean Drive tour or Penguin island tour

We are getting to Melburne 2 days early for March 6 tour...Relax day we get there but want to do a tour on the full day we have...I love scenery and Koalas are my favorite animal....
Which do you think is a better tour to do.. Can't make up our minds


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    We’re going two days early as well next October and planning to do both. The Ocean Road on our full day before the Tauck tour begins, then the Penguins on day 2 after the Tauck walking tour of Melbourne, it leaves mid-afternoon. Don’t want to miss either one.

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    If you can only do one, that is a tough question. We also had to choose one and did the Great Ocean Road - it is beautiful and I don't regret our decision. Our tour was in 2017 and we used Go West Tours. The picture I have included is at Loch Ard Gorge.
    Another couple we met did the penguins and they were equally pleased with their decision. You probably can't go wrong with either choice.

  • We saw the penguins in Melbourne in 1993 and it remains the highlight of our 60 country travel history in subsequent 30 years. Not to be missed

  • We were lucky enough to be able to do both when we went on this tour in Feb 2019.

    Here is the link to the Ocean road tour we took: https://greatoceanroadmelbournetours.com.au/tours/1-day-great-ocean-road-12-apostles-tour/

    And here is the link to the penguin tour: https://phillipislandtour.com.au/tours/evening-penguin-parade-tour/

    Both were really good, but if I only had to chose one it would be the Ocean Road tour. It just took in so much more than the penguin viewing. On the Ocean Rd tour, in addition to the Twelve Apostles, we visited the temperate rainforest and were lucky enough see some Koalas in the wild. The penguin tour was totally concentrated on the single spectacle of the penguins returning from the sea in the evening. They come in after dusk so it can be challenging to see them sometimes. And it can be COLD! It was too dark for pictures but here are a few others from the Ocean Rd tour to whet your appetite. My advice; give up the rest day and do both. Plenty time to rest when you are not fit to travel any more.

  • rwilso15…thx so much for the links in your post. That’s the company we’ve been looking into for our trip next year; they offer a boutique tour, max 10 people-we have a group of 8. I’m assuming you were happy with them.

  • mfrancis.....they were very good. Glad to recommend them.

  • We went to Philip Island;it was so enjoyable to see the little Penguins:waiting for them till they come out and how they go to their respective homes!You don’t see them anywhere else.Just waiting by the beach and watching 5he scouts come out many times before they all decide to storm the beach!Very memorable!

  • Both are great excursions, but if I had to choose just one it would be the drive along the water for its dramatic beauty. Enjoy.

  • Thanks so still deciding ... I am also deciding on Lord of the rings tour or the other one with the long bus ride now

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