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I am heading Feb 3rd on the grand Australia/NZ tour. What did people bring for voltage converters? Worried for mom’s CPAP, electronics and no judgement-flat iron. 🤓



  • The standard voltage in both countries is 230 V.

  • Traveler, a lot depends on whether your appliances are dual.voltage. Electronics like smartphones, tablets, ereaders, laptops, etc generally are so all you'll need is the appropriate adapter to fit into the wall plugs there. Also some hotels have built in usb ports usually as part of a desk unit. Nice but don't count on finding them.

    CPAPs I don't know much about but the same if it's dual voltage. Hopefully someone who has traveled with one can answer for you.

    Heated hair appliances more and more are coming in dual voltage models. I wouldn't consider attempting to use if it isn't even with a converter. Have read too many horror stories. If you can't find a dual voltage one you could consider buying one locally on arrival. No judgement.

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    If the CPAP has an external power unit (brick) you can purchase a 230 volt brick for it before you go. If by "flat iron" you mean something that you use to iron clothes, I wouldn't try to convert a 120 volt unit to 230 volts. You can do it with a transformer but an iron take a fair amount of power so the transformer will be big and heavy. I'd look for a dual voltage unit (if they make such things) or purchase a 230 volt unit when you get to your destination.

  • Mike, I think Traveler means a hair appliance. It's like a curling iron but straightens instead of curls. You're right though that all heating appliances can be a problem when trying to use them in places with different electric supplies. On Tauck river cruises I've seen warnings about using your own iron or heated hair appliances.

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    Okay, I understand. I'm not familiar with hair appliances:-)

    (Since I don't have much hair.)

  • I own a travel CPAP and it is dual voltage. The way to tell if any appliance is dual voltage is to read the small print that is usually listed somewhere on it. If it says 110/20- 220/240 voltage it can be used anywhere in the world. Do a google search for dual voltage hair appliances-they are available.

  • Thank you all for your feedback!

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