Oct 18. 2023 Douro River Cruise Westboud

Looking forward to our adventure! Think we just got the last cabin.


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    Lucky you! It's a great trip and October is an equally great time of year to go. Hopefully you are able to add pre and post tour days. Enjoy!

    If interested, you can read my trip review under the Douro River category to the right >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.
    Should you have specific questions I would be happy to attempt to answer them.

  • My wife and i, brother-in-law and his wife and two friends are also on this trip Looking forward to it..

  • Be prepared for wet weather. We were on this past year's end of Oct Eastbound tour and had several days of drizzle or rain. Per the TDs, the tour group a week ahead of us got poured on. It is nice and cool at that time of year so much nicer touring than in a heat wave.

  • Doing this cruise as well. Have been to Lisbon but not Madrid or the Duoro. Love river cruises.

  • If you have time in Madrid see a bullfight. You can get tickets on line ahead of time if there are events when you go. I went a few years back, only stayed fro a couple of fights. It is brutal, but the tradition and pageantry are something to experience.

  • There is a restaurant on a square in Madrid that has the walls covered with pictures of bullfights when the bull ‘won’.

  • Hurray for the bull!

  • Sealord, what is the name of the restaurant? Or was it that long ago??!!?

  • Sealord will need to confirm, but I believe he is referring to La Torre Del Oro, a tapas bar, in Plaza Mayor. I have not eaten there. It seems to be a haven for tourists because of the photos. I am not being critical, just honest. If you would like to have tapas with locals, walk down any of the side streets around the Plaza. If anyone is interested, I will retrieve my notes and offer suggestions based on my experiences.

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    It was a long time ago. But, I believe kfnknfzk is correct. The pix are a tourist attraction, but as I recall the food was also good. I’ve been to Madrid many times, and have eaten in many different places. As I recall most restaurants did not open until around eight PM, and if you arrived at eight you would probably be the only people there. Tauck actually stays in the same hotel that I stayed at with World Airways … my first airline. My most ‘fun’ hotel was the Sheraton Brussels. Nothing special about the hotel, but I stayed there with World Airways, Overseas National Airways, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Air India, and American Airlines. And there was one doorman who worked there during all of my various visits. He was amazed by my wardrobe. “Who are you working for now?”

  • Yes, the Spaniards eat quite late in the evening. Many restaurants and some tapas bars will open briefly for lunch. The Mercado San Miguel in Plaza Mayor is one of my favorite markets. It is very small, is always packed, but is a great place to explore and have a bite to eat.

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    Getting close now. We have our docs. Fifty two days and counting.

  • My wife and I are taking this trip May 31, 2023
    we are arriving Madrid a day early
    any suggestions on things to see and places to eat

  • Jerrybcox,

    I recommend walking over to the Plaza Mayor area and stopping at Mercado San Miguel. The surrounding streets have many great tapas bars. What is referred to as the museum triangle is a short walk from the hotel (Tauck will be taking you to the Prado--unless the itinerary has changed.)

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