May 1, 2023 Northbound on the Grace……almost full!

Looking for new acquaintance, who may be taking this tour. I thought I’d see if anyone might be going into Bern prior to the start of things…..
Looking forward to my first Tauck experience.
Checking in again, 58 days to go, anyone else out there who may be on this trip?


  • This is a great tour, especially since it is bookended by two fabulous cities. Enjoy!

  • Thank you, looking fwd to trip. Already have a couple of restaurants picked out for pre/post tour.

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    Please post a review when you return. We just booked this tour for 4/2024 with my cousin who has never been to Europe or been on a Tauck tour. It will be our 6th river cruise and his 1st. He is limited to only being gone 12 days, so this is the cruise he chose. We've been to some of the towns on this tour, but not all of them. We plan to fly in ONE Day PreTour since we have never been to Bern, but we will have to fly home the day the cruise ends in Amsterdam as my cousin will have to get home (which is ok with us since we have been to Amsterdam a few times before & we will have a day there with Tauck).

  • Terrilynn, no problem. As this is my first Tauck trip, I will do a review. This is not m first visit to Europe, but it is on a River boat. I just booked a second trip for 4/24 through France, based on all of the helpful posts. I hope that I’ll be able to help you out. But with 6 cruises under your belts, I doubt that I’ll be able to tell you anything new. I should be asking for travel advise!

  • If you can fit it into the schedule, watching the sunset over Bern is a great way to close out the day. Either head to Altes Trampot for dinner and a beer or go more upscale to the Rosegarten and Rosegarten Restaurant. Remember that Switzerland does not use Euros and you will need a small amount of Swiss Francs

  • We had a light lunch at the Rosengarten. The restaurant is not too far from the clock tower and made for a very enjoyable and scenic walk. You can easily take a tram/trolley back to the clock area.

    On one of the pre-tour days we watched a beauty contest in the area surrounding the government/parliament buildings. The contestants were cows brought down from the Alps. Apparently this is a yearly tradition that is done each fall when the cows are brought down to spend their winter in milder climates. I do not know if this festival is still done. It was quite fun and entertaining!

    This was our first Tauck riverboat cruise and we have three more scheduled this year, two of them being back-to-back holiday market cruises.

    Enjoy, it is a wonderful tour with magnificent scenery.

  • Ben: Thanks for the advice. I’ll check out the sunset, and I’ve set aside more than a few Swiss Francs for a great meal. Food being very important on my tours! More off boat, than on.

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