Italy in the spring/ May 14, 2023 Classic Small Group Italy

This is our first time traveling in a Tauck group and first time in Italy. It’s just my husband and myself traveling to celebrate his cancer free status! We have always wanted to go to Italy. Just curious about packing! Any suggestions on what to pack in the spring?


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    I was was there on the same tour beginning May 4th of last year. For me the weather was perfect! Bring a light sweater and something in case it rains. Comfortable shoes are a must. Bring a hat too. Some of the gals wore linen crop pants and blouses and I wore my cargo pants from REI and blouses from Orvis. Evenings were black slacks and spring sweaters.
    You’ll love this trip. TAuck gives you plenty of free time in various places including Florence and Rome. Have an idea of what you’d like to see so that you maximize your time. Read all the old threads from previous travelers and you’ll be well prepared. Take advantage of those who post on this forum! There’s a treasure trove of knowledge! Congratulations on the return of your husband’s health-this trip is a perfect way to celebrate!

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    We were also on this trip in May of 2022. We found the climate in Italy very similar to the climate in the coastal regions of Southern California if that helps any. As far as packing advice, I am clueless on that. My wife may chime into this discussion with advice as she does all the packing.

    I did a review of our tour which you can see at the link below.

    Classic Italy Small Groups tour review

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    I was with JohnS on this trip last May. I packed for Spring weather. I had a couple of pairs of capris as well as long pants, short sleeve tops and 3/4 length sleeve tops. I also had a light sweater and jacket. For evenings I packed business casual and a bit dressier for welcome and farewell dinners.
    John had his normal spring attire with mostly short sleeve shirts and ExOfficio/REI pants and some jeans. For evening, attire was leaning more towards business casual, and for the welcome and farewell dinners he wore his Eddie Bauer Travel Blazer, no tie (although it was packed just in case).
    Also if you look at the link to John's review, you can get an idea of the weather and what other folks wore.

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    We did this tour on 22 May. Sue and John are right on. I had to buy a light windbreaker because it got a bit chilly one night in Sorrento and during a rainy private excursion to Pisa.

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