Belissima Northern Italy Sept 11 Small Group

It looks like our small group tour is sold out for this date. Anyone else besides us going? We are going into Milan a couple of days early to see The Last Supper. Love to connect with fellow travelers.


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    In addition to viewing the Last Supper, you can take an elevator to the roof of the Milan Cathedral (the Duomo). It's an experience and you get some nice views of Milan from there. The elevator is on the left side of the building, as you face the building, towards the back. There is a charge but I don't remember what it was - it was not unreasonable.

    The viewing of the Last Supper doesn't take a lot of time. They run you through so you're in and out in about an hour. At least that's how it was when we went through it in 2015.


  • MikeHenderson, thank you so much, good to know. The Duomo rooftop is on our "to do" list, but it's so nice to get some details. We will buy our Last Supper tickets when they go on sale early summer. We also want to see the Leonardo 3 exhibition near the Galleria if it is still there in September.

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    We went to that Leonardo exhibit about four years ago but it appears to be still there.
    It is essential to buy tickets on line well ahead of time for any part of the Duomo. I recommend the rooftop tour and to pay extra to use the elevator. You pick up your tickets and your tour guide in a small office opposite the Duomo, it’s not obviously where it is.
    What a shame the Last Supper is no longer part of the tour, it was when we went, private tour for Tauck in the evening.
    You can also do a tour about the opera house right next to it, unless it has changed, you will only be able to get a glance of inside the theater and stage from a special viewing window.

  • There is an outdoor rooftop bar/restaurant in the Rinascente department store opposite the Duomo has a nice view and is very comfortable.

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