Hotels in Amsterdam?

I’m extending my vacation post-cruise in Amsterdam, and will be staying 2 more nights. Anyone have favorite hotels or neighborhoods I should look at? I’m an older woman traveling alone. Thanks for any ideas!


  • If you do a search of Amsterdam in the top right corner of this page, you will find many threads related to hotels, neighborhoods, restaurants, et al.

    You will more than likely meet fellow solo travelers on the tour who might also be adding post-tour days. Good luck and have a great trip!

  • The first time we visited Amsterdam, we stayed at Hotel Estherea.
    It is lovely, right on Singel canal, easy to walk to most places. I wanted to experience staying on the canal. Their breakfast was one of the best we have ever had in Europe!

    On our second visit to Amsterdam, we wanted to stay near the museum district.
    We stayed at Hotel JL No 76. It is great, very modern Art Deco, walking distance to museums.

    I would stay at both of these places again.

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    We love several - you can check them out, read reviews, and see photos on TripAdvisor - but it's always best to book on the hotel website.
    Hotel The Craftsmen (breakfast included)
    Ambassade Hotel
    INK Hotel Amsterdam
    OR you can always keep it easy and stay in the PostCruise Tauck hotel and get the free transports to the hotel and airport.

  • There is a Hilton very close to where the river cruise ships dock and Central Station. We tried to stay there but they were fully booked many months before our cruise (big hint not to wait too long before making reservations somewhere). We ended up at the Kimpton de Witt which is close to the Central Station as well. We enjoyed it - three nights there cost about the same as one night in Tauck's hotel. I worried the location might be noisy at night but was surprisingly quiet. The concierge was very helpful in buying tram tickets and giving us advice about other sites. Just don't expect the luxury of a Tauck hotel. It's a bit of a quirky hotel.

    To get to it the Cruise Director arranged a taxi (van) for our group of 6 which we paid for. We could have easily walked but didn't want the hassle of dragging suitcases thru several pedestrian crossing zones. The CD then arranged for Tauck's transfer service to pick us up at our hotel to take us to the airport.

  • The only place I would ever stay in Amsterdam is the Ambassade on the Herengracht Canal. It is magnificent.

  • We stayed at the Andaz Amsterdam Prisengracht. Outstanding breakfast buffet and credits to F and B or spa charges plus free tix to the Rijksmusem. Was a historical library and just a beautiful hotel right on the canals. Can walk everywhere.

  • Thanks for the advice everyone. I’ve booked a hotel (The Banks Mansion) directly thru the hotel’s website. Will report how it went post trip.

  • I researched the hotel and it does seem very nice...and complimentary cheese in the afternoon! Yes, please post about your experiences. Have a wonderful trip.

  • We stayed at Banks Mansion prior to river cruise several yrs ago. Returning in June with our grandson. Lively hotel.

  • LOVELY hotel!

  • We loved the Sofitel Legend Grand Amsterdam. It was very close to a nice shopping area and great restaurants.

  • An easy walk away from the Legend Le Grand is a delightful neighborhood known as the Nine Little Streets. This may be what Mimitravels referred to. Quaint shops and great little cafes.

  • Le Grand is only a twenty minute walk to the Anne Frank house, if you are interested in visiting there. Get tickets in advance online. Beware, there are many many stairs. I read recently that it is thought now that they were discovered ‘by chance’ not betrayed. It is said the ‘authorities’ were looking for illegal ration cards or employees, not the Frank family.

  • How would you rank Kimpton in Amsterdam?

  • This is our first Rhine River cruise and welcome any suggestions>

  • I am in need of a walker/cane for most walking activities, will this tour be ok for me and assistance from my husband?

  • Nabby1947 -- Hotels in Amsterdam are known for lots of narrow staircases and narrow halls - it's just the way most of the old canal homes were built. Be sure when booking your hotel, you book one that has been reconstructed with elevators and possibly handicapped rooms as many also have very tiny bathrooms and showers. The Tauck hotels are usually ok in regards to this.

    As far as a walker/cane -- that is always hard in Europe due to lots of hills, stairs, cobblestone. The boat will have an elevator, but sometimes the ramp getting off and on the boat is steep (there is a crew member to assist you) - also, if they dock next to another boat in port, which is VERY common - sometimes there are lots of stairs to climb on the other boat. You can always stay on the boat if you feel the towns/excursions will be too much for you - the Tour Directors will be able to help you with those decisions. Generally, there is quite a bit of walking on cobblestone during the tours (I can't imagine a walker doing well on Cobblestone) and many stairs in the castles and to get into some of the cathedrals.

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    If you have concerns about your mobility and stamina, please reach out to Tauck. My husband is in his 90s and uses a cane. His health is excellent, but he is slow; never too slow as to hold up the group, however.

    So as not to detract from this thread, if you send me a private message I will respond with some suggestions of what we do to mitigate risks as we travel. To send a message, scroll to the top of this page...tap on the envelope/in box to the right of your screen name...tap on new message to send me a message. I hope to hear from you.

  • Nabby, we stayed 3 nights at the Kimpton in Amsterdam after a Tauck river cruise. Its not as nice as the usual Tauck European hotels but was about half the price. Its well located, surprisingly quiet given its in a busy area, and the staff were very helpful. We were happy with it.

  • Our favorite is the Pulitzer. A block or 2 from Ann Frank House & easy walk to Red Light District. Great location, fabulous hotel, may be a bit pricey.

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