Cruise ship conditions

Next winter will be my first river cruise, a Rhine Christmas market cruise. I’m wondering since the rooms have such a large amount of glass how warm the rooms are? Should I plan on really warm pj’s and socks? Will I need a sweater or shawl when sitting in the common areas or at dinner? Thanks


  • The cabins have very thick curtains, individual thermostats, extra blankets and robes/slippers. Whatever you're comfortable wearing in the winter is probably fine.

    On an Oct Rhine cruise several years ago I found that the public spaces - lounge and dining room -got chilly especially near the windows. So definitely bring something. Even on summer cruises it can be chilly if you want to enjoy the sundeck.

  • Thanks for the info about the robes and slippers, I didn’t know that. A friend who took Viking said they supply umbrellas so I assume Tauck does as well.

  • I think so. I'm not usually a fan of umbrellas - awkward to deal with. I remember borrowing one from the Tauck hotel in Paris before our Rhone cruise.

  • There are definitely umbrellas on the Tauck river boats.

  • Yes, we have always found the umbrellas in the cabin as soon as you enter. I have also seen them in the front lobby area at times.

  • I ALWAYS stick a pretty Pashima Shawl in my luggage whether I'm traveling to Africa or Antarctica. I find in a snap it takes the chill off while sitting on top of the boat, I sit on a wet bench, dress up for dinner, it doesn't take up room in my backpack, and use it as a cover when I go into churches. You can't go wrong.

  • Ruanas are very handy as well -- especially for colder temps. I've taken them in my carryon bag to work as a blanket or a wrap on those cold overnight flights.

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