Luggage on trains in Italy

Taking our first Tauck tour in April on the small group week in Venice,Rome,Florence
We will be taking the train between cities.
My husband and I are taking one checked piece of luggage each and also plan on taking a carry on rolling duffel.
Are there any restrictions on the trains related to carryons or number of pieces?


  • You can check the luggage requirements by viewing your specific trip on Tauck's website. Their guidelines generally follow those of the airlines. Typically you are allowed one checked suitcase per person not exceeding fifty (50) pounds and with overall dimensions not exceeding sixty two (62) inches (length/width/height). Depending on the size of your rolling duffle bag, Tauck might need to store that in the train's luggage compartment. They will let you know, however.

    Enjoy your first Tauck tour. It probably will not be your last!

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    No restrictions unless it says so in the Tauck guidance. We traveled by train from Florence to Venice on Classic Italy a few years ago. I just watched the video I shot of our group waiting to board the just-arrived train. Baggage handlers loaded our "checked" luggage from a cart to the train. Smaller bags were carried by travelers. One individual was carrying his own small/medium duffel.

    The Tauck guidance says, "Due to space restrictions, we ask that you please limit your checked luggage to one suitcase per person . . . 50 pounds . . . **" and, **"Although oversize bags and wheeled, carry-on luggage are popular for airline travel, they are often not convenient or appropriate for motor coach travel or for many on-tour flights." So a lot depends on the size of your carry-on-duffel- is it a large rolling bag, or smaller bag like a Biaggi?

    Tauck provides general guidance to check airline restrictions, but to be safe, I would also check rail line restrictions. The trains will have small luggage racks at the end of each car and possible one or two even smaller ones throughout, but they may fill quickly. Train overhead racks are considerably smaller than the overhead bins on aircraft, but those racks and space under your train seat/legs should be sufficient for a small to medium size duffel.

  • Took this trip in 2019. The luggage on the train was the same luggage we took on the plane over. The bullet trains had overhead racks for your carry-ons. no problem.

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