Feedback request from guests who traveled on Portrait of Arabia 2023

We are looking at booking this trip next year and would love to hear any feedback from anyone who did this trip this year. I think you all have just returned or are about to return! Thank you!


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    Great trip. The falcon hospital was a nice surprise. The "tour" of the Arabian horse facility was performance and I've seen a horse in a stable before..Tour Directors and local guides were first class. Hotels were Tauck quality. We left for home from Muscat...would have liked another day or 2 at that splendid hotel.

  • Portrait of Arabia January 2024: Thanks to GeraldBailey who suggested another day in Muscat. We stayed over a day at the end of the tour at the beautiful Jumeraih Hotel in Muscat, located on a picturesque horseshoe shape beach, and enjoyed a leisurely day under an umbrella. This was a wonderful trip in every way. The Qatar flights were great, the Tauck personnel were among the very best, the Le Bougainville was very nice. The local guides and everyone we met were very pleasant. Best of all, we gained new perspectives on a part of the world to which we had never travelled. Went couple days early to adjust to the time. Palace Downtown Hotel in Dubai is adjacent to the Dubai Mall, the Burj Khalifa and the fountain shows. Layer your clothing. Little warmer than we expected but still quite comfortable in January. Thanks to British whose comments from her trip were very helpful.

  • We really enjoyed the tour in 2023. If we went again I would start in Muscat
    I don’t see any dates for 2025. I wonder if Ponant is suspending the tour became of the war in the general area. It is surely putting some people off visiting.

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