DIY Greenbook

For those of us who miss getting our Greenbooks in the mail (wasn't that a happy moment?) I finally figured out an easy way to print my own from the digital document Tauck sends us a link to. Normally when I get an email my PC opens an app that doesn't make this process easy, however by using Adobe Reader it's a piece of cake. Here's what I've learned to far:

Save the PDF to your PC
From the MS Start button, chose Adobe Reader
Once that opens, use the Open button to open the saved PDF
Then go to File, Print
Set options like which printer, color/black&white, Pages to Print
Then under Page Sizing & Handling choose Booklet
It will set it up to print on both sides and have it in the correct page order to just stack the pages and fold in half.

From there you have lots of options to "bind" them together - staples, clips, sewing machine, spiral binding at an office store, or hole punch and put in a binder. An A5 binder or planner notebook is a pretty good fit.

I've also noticed Delta/KLM/AF will let you download itineraries from their website in PDF form so you can use the same print functions.

I'm sure there are more knowledgeable techies that can add to this thread. Happy traveling.


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