Travel during Diwali

For anyone who has been on a tour of India over Diwali, can you tell me if it was particularly crowded at that time due to school holidays, more tourists, etc. and if the holiday impacted the regularly scheduled activities of the tour at all (i.e. closures, etc.)? Also did the fireworks impact the air quality? Lastly, from your experience, would you recommend traveling to India over Diwali - does it enhance the experience - or do you think it’s best to avoid going during that time? Thanks in advance!


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    buonviaggio -

    I took the Portrait of India tour during Diwali. I don't have any comparison points with respect to the crowds, but I think you can expect there to be crowds no matter when you visit India.

    The air quality in India is poor all the time, especially in the large cities like Delhi. A red sun during several hours of the day is commonplace. I can't imagine that the Diwali fireworks made any significant difference.

    Tauck added in a couple of Diwali related items that were fun. See pictures below:

    Bottom line, I think traveling during Diwali was a plus.

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    Hi, Smiling Sam! Thank you so much for your feedback, and for sharing the great photos! Definitely looks like fun! 😀

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