More French strikes

French bin strike: Paris holds its nose as waste piles up


  • Thanks for posting this. I'm following this very closely as I have reservations on the April 16th departure of the Normandy, Brittany, Paris and the Loire Valley trip. I know Tauck is monitoring conditions there and I'm hopeful with a month to go before I depart, the government will get this situation under control. Rosanna Rosanna Dana was right when she said, "It's always something"!

  • I have reservations for the April 5th Savoring France riverboat cruise. This tour includes spending time in Paris at the beginning and then taking the train to Lyon to get the riverboat. Strikers have disrupted the train service in Paris and Lyon. Some flights have been affected. According to news reports, the strike will continue into next week. I suspect Tauck has developed contingency plans to deal with any "bumps" in the road. At this point in time, the trip is still a go.

  • If Tauck does not cancel this tour, then there will be no problems or Tauck will have contingency problems.
    We all follow the news, but once again, I have been a witness of supposedly being in the thick of the action when it turns out there was one minor thing that affected our tour. We left Jerusalem yesterday, and while everyone at home was sending us ‘worry’ messages, we did not see any of the large rallies that have been making headlines, even when one was literally down the street from our hotel.
    I started this post, but maybe Tauck knows exactly what is going on when and where and whether it will affect any tours that go through Paris in particular.
    Years ago on two separate vacations in France, we were affected by strikes, road blocks and closures, ferry strikes that had us going hundreds of miles out of our way down tiny bending roads instead of major high ways, so things can cause disruption.
    Now I’m thinking of it, recent years we have been in countries with Tauck during variousincidents….Italy when strikers built a bonfire in the middle of the highway, we had to leave very early morning so the bus could get by that area before the fire was lit. The same tour, the archeological museum was closed in strike and the local guide had to hammer on the door, demanding they let our group in, threatening a group of angry Americans, the museum opened for us, we got a ‘private visit’ saw everything, we left and they closed again.
    We were in Arusha when there was a terrorist bomb explosion and it meant the TD had us carry our passports and valuables on the safari vehicles every day in case the situation expanded.
    We were in Santiago Chile when there were riots and tear gas wafted through our hotel where we were having dinner. The staff quickly evacuated us to an inner courtyard where they gave us lime wedges to suck on to sooth our throats, then champagne and when things calmed down, we started dinner again.
    We were in Hong Kong when all the protests were going on…we never saw any, even though everyone at home said bor to go. Later on the same tour, late November 2019, in China, a large number of our group got sick with nausea and fever and a cough…hey maybe Tauck brought back Covid from China!

  • Vivian, I leave for France on April 13th for the Paris, Normandy, Brittany and the Loire Valley trip. I spoke to Tauck and they are in touch with local guides, suppliers, etc on the ground and are very aware of the situation. If Tauck says it’s okay to go, then rest easy your trip will be great. I’ve also been in touch with a private guide who lives in Paris and she said life is pretty normal, with few interruptions even when the news paints a different picture. I understand the trash has been collected from the streets as of yesterday. The museums have had closures or late starts, and hopefully your time there won’t be affected. Enjoy your trip.

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