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  • working on October 2024 river cruise. either Blue Danube or Danube Kingdoms. RE: Danube Kingdoms- Is one morning with a local guide enough time to see much of Buda and Pest ? as the Blue Danube enjoys 3 days there. opinions ????

  • I don't think that that's enough time in Budapest, unless you have been there before. I would definitely spend a couple of extra days there.

  • We added a couple of extra nights in Budapest at the start of the Budapest to Amsterdam cruise. We booked a private tour of the Danube Bend thru Viator which goes to some interesting sites upriver from Budapest. The next day we took Tram 2 along the river, toured the indoor market and then walked up to the Great Synagogue for a tour. Wished we'd taken more time in the synagogue as the market tour was also included on Tauck's tour and we ran out of time.

  • Claudia -- We will be in Budpest a few extra days at the end of our Tauck river cruise in Sept and I have been looking at the Viator tour of the Danube Bend.....would you recommend it?

  • Birder, we enjoyed ours. The Visegrad castle tour had lots of steps but fantastic views of the river. The lunch was excellent. Only downside was right after lunch it started pouring rain so we just kept diving in and out of shops there. The boat ride back would have been more enjoyable if it hadn't been raining.

    Sadly that is also the night that a Viking cruise ship hit a similar day cruiser like the one we were on killing 33 south Koreans (on the day cruiser) and a couple of Hungarian crew members. The river was running very high that early in the season. Our hotel overlooked the river very close to where it happened and we couldn't figure out why all the sirens that night. Very sobering the next morning when our TDs explained what had happened. If you're interested there's Wikipedia article on it - the Hableany disaster.

    Don't let that dissuade you from the tour. Just be sure you know what is included in the price (or not), the cancellation policy, etc.

  • Claudia-- Thank you so much! It sounds like something all 4 in our group would enjoy. We have been to Budapest before but our traveling companioins have not.
    That is very sad about the accident. I will look for the article.

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