MS Sapphire Question and Dress Code

Will be traveling on the MS Sapphire in September '23. Does anyone know if the hair dryer in the cabin has a diffuser attachment? Also, we have a dinner at a Chateau - does my husband need a Sport Coat for this event (or on ship). Trying to pack light but do not want to be under dressed.


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    There are NO diffusers on the hair dryers - I take a universal one from Amazon every time I travel.

    As far as dress, you will get LOTS of opinions. When you get your cruise documents, it will say weather a SportCoat is required or optional and we go with that. If it is required, he packs one of course. If it is optional, he doesn't due to space and weight in luggage. On the boat itself, in the Compass Rose Dining Room, they are not needed and we have noticed that the dress in the Compass Rose has become more casual since our 1st river cruise in 2013. You will see a mix of everything, but we stay 2-3 weeks and we pack so we can manage our luggage on our own on trains once the Tauck tour ends. Many others enjoy dressing up and do -- we look nice, but we do not dress up - nor do we find there is a lot of time to dress up once you get back onboard after spending all day in town.

    You'll have a great time.

  • Agree that there isn’t much time after afternoon excursions to “dress up to the nines or tens”. I would rather read a chapter of a book or catch up with with other things on my mind. If I am to dress up, i royals ex t go shower, hair, makeup, etc. and there isn’t time for all that beautification in my opinion.

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    We’re on that trip in June ‘24 as well as the French Escapade in 3 weeks. Both cruises have a dinner at a chateau. My husband will bring a sport coat, no tie, as I think we should dress a bit nicer for those nights, this is France. No need to dress up in the Compass Rose, smart casual, no jeans.

  • What terrilynn said. The packing list for this cruise is on the website and sport coat and tie are optional. My husband packs a nice long sleeve collared shirt, slacks and leather dockers. He also usually brings a Vneck pullover for warmth. Evenings on river cruises can be chilly especially if there is something going on on the sundeck. On our Rhone cruise the captain brought the ship into Avignon at sunset with the light hitting the city walls and popes palace. We were all on the sun deck enjoying cocktails and music. My favorite memory of the cruise but was glad I had a wrap as it was chilly - in July.

  • Did this trip in 2022. did not take a sports coat/jacket. never felt out of place. Nice dress shirt with a tie is enough.

  • An update to my previous comment…we’re on the French Escapade right now. The first evening was dinner at Fouquet’s, every man wore a sport coat as suggested by Tauck (only one or two ties) except for one man who wore jeans. Obviously he was very out of place. I’m sure for our dinner at the chateau later in the trip, sport coats will again be the norm. It’s up to each person as to how they choose to dress but just wanted to share what’s happening here.

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    We have done a dozen Tauck trips, and except for Africa there has always been a dinner in an elegant location that inspired one to ‘dress’. I know there are dress down advocates in our midst, but those are the facts. We once dined in an elegant location in Malta once used by the Knights Templar, and one gentleman showed up in a tee shirt, shorts, and shower shoes. If I can find it I will post a picture showing the way most of us were dressed.

  • So the options are shorts/t-shirt/shower shoes or coat & tie?

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