The Laundry Question

Australia/N.Zealand gave us 2 overnite laundry services. Will Japan do the same?


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    Haven’t seen it in the itinerary, so I’m planning to use hotel service when needed. I’m leaving on the 4/9 trip.

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    Of all oir tours that I can recall, only a hotel in Australia had a self service laundry and we did use it. Otherwise we have enough clothing not to require doing laundry. My husband occasionally sends the odd item in a hotel. He doesn’t mind paying the cost, but I object, crazy I know but if you don’t watch the pennies somewhere things add up and travel might not be affordable. We have looked at laundry prices on our current trip once out of curiosity and for example a shirt was $15. I think Japan will be expensive.in hotels. No idea about availability of launderettes and whether there might be time to use them. We are going for three weeks later in the year snd hope to have enough clothing with us, apart from doing a few smalls.We won’t need to dress up which is very helpful for making more room for practical clothing.

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