Anyone else unable to open this website. All I get is a white page. I have asked Tauck twice about this but no response thus far. Thanks


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    I've noticed that travel itineraries from Tauck don't include that link anymore. Mostly now I just go directly to the airline's website with my confirmation numbers. Kind of a hassle since most of our flights involve Delta Skyteam members and each airline doesn't seem to share the info fully. I end up having to go to both Delta and KLM or Air France to get all the info.

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    We have a trip next month and Tauck was still using this site when we made the final payment. I have always liked this site as it showed all your flight information and was easy to bring up.

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    I was able to access this web site for our flights in June.

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    I just used it for my upcoming paid for flights in June. I didn't get the Reservation number until the tickets were bought just confirmation numbers which don't work on that site. The Reservation number was buried in text towards the end of the pdf Tauck sent.

    To get to the site I googled travelport viewtrip and it worked fine. Maybe their system was temporarily down.

    Seems like it used to be easier with a link in Taucks email that took you right to it.

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    Tauck got back to me. Problem must be with my computer because my wife can bring it up and it opens on her comp. My comp. is like me...OLD.

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