What suggestions for luggage for the Crown Jewel trip? I was thinking a regular 24” suitcase and a wheeled 15” that would sit atop the 24” case.


  • That sounds like what I take on most tours though I keep my 15" back from the luggage pick up and bring it down myself. That way I get the big bag ready the night before and use the small one to put my in my night gear, toiletry bag, etc until after breakfast. The small bag goes in a special compartment under the bus.

  • The 24" suitcase should be fully adequate for your 11-day trip. The carry on depends on what you want to have in the event your bag gets delayed by the airline (electronics, prescriptions, a change of clothes, warm coat, etc). The 15" wheeled carry on should easily cover this, but you'll have bring it to and from the bus each time you change hotels and store it under the bus during the ride. An alternative, if it works for you, is to pack your emergency stuff in a soft duffel for the flight and then move that stuff and the duffel into your main bag for the duration of the tour. That way you won't have to hassle with the carry on while on tour. Hope this helps.

  • Thank you Ken and Claudia. Trying to figure best configuration for me. Almost there!

  • Same. I also travel with a lightweight shoulder tote and a small crossbody purse. The purse goes in my tote which becomes my "personal" item on flights.

    When we're on lengthy bus trips (land tours), the tote stays in the bus with me. I keep my water, snacks, touring materials and a few emergency toiletries in it. Then just hop off the bus with the purse!

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