Do families/teens connect online before a Family Journey trip?

We are very excited for our first Tauck experience this summer on the Cowboy Country family journey. When we have done Disney cruises, there is generally a Facebook page for families/teens on a specific departure to connect before the trip…..does anything like that tend to happen for these trips, or am I overestimating the extent to which the kids socialize with each other on the family journeys?


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    The only way you can connect is by starting a new thread in the Cowboy Country section specifying your date of departure and asking if anyone is on the tour and wants to connect. If someone gets back to you, you can Private message each other and exchange emails or Facebook info.
    You are able to call Tauck and ask them the breakdown of boys/girls and ages on the tour just before you go. Don’t do it too soon as people might have canceled before the tour begins. We are going on the Red Rocks Painted Canyons. I had to call Tauck for something else so asked about numbers and ages on our tour. There will be 18 ‘children’ I wrote down a rough idea of ages. Bare In mind, some people take adult children on these tours, I wouldn’t, I’d take them on a regular tour, but people do, so there could be a wide range of ages, from three to 21 and above.

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    The kids (and I don't know the ages of your children) will gravitate to each other to make new friends easier than adults do. There are activities for kids to participate in on these trips. I wouldn't worry; it will happen organically and toward the end of the trip, they won't want to go home. We started to travel internationally on family tours when my child was 7 and she's a married adult now and still remembers these epic adventures.

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