Best of Hawaii - Question re. Inter-island flights

Considering taking the Best if Hawaii Tour in 204 and had a question regarding the inter-island flights and wanted to ask if any of these flights require walking up steps to get on/off the plane vs using the gangways. Have experience in the past when utilizing short flights sometimes the planes require you to walk from/to the gates and utilize stairs to embark/disembark usher plane.


  • Yes, they do.

  • Concur with MCD. I did this trip in 2022. Some of the smaller airports look more like bus terminals - flat and open-air.

  • I’ve been to all of them and to my recollection Kona is the only airport that does not have loading ramps and uses stairs. For wheelchairs or those with mobility issues they have lifts and they are very efficient with this system.

  • I just went back and reviewed my pictures of our trip, in 2020. Kona was the only airport without a jetway (with stairs). All of the other airports had jetways.

  • Thanks to all

  • Just back from this lovely trip and only remember jetways, enjoy!

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