Adriatic Treasures and Venice

Arrived today, no problems with flights and best of all no problem at Franfurt Airport and my luggage came all the way through. Staying at the Hilton Imperial, very nice and access to the Executive Suite which provides a light meal in the evening.
I dropped my luggage in the room and took a walk to Old Town which is very close to the hotel.
Tomorrow I have a ticket to walk the wall that surrounds Old Town, so more tomorrow.


  • You're staying at the same hotel that we stayed at when we took the tour in 2014. The location is great and the access to the Executive Suite is also good. If you have a day with no dinner and don't want anything heavy, the Executive Suite provides hors d'oeuvres which are great for a lighter dinner. A number of us on our trip took that option.

    Enjoy your walk around the walls. Go early enough so that you get there before the cruise visitors and before it gets too hot.

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