Visas in Asia

What is best way to obtain visas - through the Tauck site or elsewhere? Do I have to mail in passport; somewhat confused as some site say to send a copy and you get a "loose-leaf" visa? I need the passport for a trip in Aug/Sept before departing in Oct for Asia so I am fearful of mailing it in and I can't do it too early because if would exceed 90 days.


  • We got our visas on line, it is straightforward and it is not necessary to send in your passport. Access the embassy for each country and they will have a link for the application for the visa. You pay for the visa with a credit card. When the visa is approved, they will send you an email which you present to immigration with your passport when you land.

    There are a number of commercial enterprises that will get your visa, but it is not necessary to use them (they charge more)

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