Just reserved the May 25, 2024 Southbound for Treasures of the Med Isles. Understand 160 Tauck guests are signed up for that staying at 2 hotels. I’m use to much smaller Tauck trips 25 to 40 people. Appreciate input on how the logistics went with that many guests. Such as, taking longer to board buses for excursions, length of time for the excursions, receptions, waiting to be served meals. Last year did the Wind Star Treasures of the Aegean with about 40 Tauck guests which was fantastic. Just concerned with servicing that many Tauck guests.


  • There are several TD’s aboard. The shore trips are staggered on the different buses.. My only complaint when we did a similar tour was that we were always the last group to go.
    There are no issues with meals being served except that you can’t reserve tables for two which we found was really annoying, we don’t always want to sit with others especially when we want a quick meal. On one ship ,it was our wedding anniversary and we tried to get a reservation in the morning for that evening, they would not make an exception even for a special occasion.

  • British: great comments. Really appreciate the feedback. Like you don’t like being told I have to eat with other people. Yes, times when you want to be alone. I’m going with my gut and look at a different trip. 25 to 40 guests is just right.

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