Best of Ireland May 2024 small group

To all who have traveled on this trip before, anything a "can't miss"? Did you eat at a pub or go somewhere you just really liked?
Very interested in the falconry - do you get a chance to engage with the falcons even in the group setting? Thank you for any info - we are really looking forward to this trip.


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    We did this trip back in 2016 and it has changed some.

    We had a choice of activities at Mt. Juliet. One of which was falconry. Each person had a chance to launch and recover a falcon several times. We also had an encounter with owls. We could schedule but had to pay for another chance to do falconry at Ashford Castle.

    Unless they didn't eat at all, everyone ate all included meals at the place arranged by Tauck. When meals were not included, most often that occurred in a town or city with sufficient places to dine, people ate wherever they desired- if it is a lunch, you won't have a lot of time before you have to reboard the bus. The TD provided a list of suggested places.

    Due to schedule, route, and locations, there was no time on tour to do other activities or take a private tour on our own. They are best planned for pre or post tour days.

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