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In the next several months we will be going on a Rhine riverboat cruise. On one of the days we will leave the cruise, spend the night elsewhere, and then catch up with the riverboat the next morning. In talking with Tauck about this deviation I was surprised to learn that we will not be covered by Tauck's insurance while we are on our own.
Had I known I would have booked insurance through another company so that I would have complete coverage. I know this isn't what most people do but you might check for other insurance plans should you decide to skip a night on a cruise. I imagine their rule applies to land tours also.


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    I think it might be worth speaking to someone else at Tauck, or indeed the insurance company directly.. Tauck encourages you in free time to do other things. They also don’t mind if you skip a day’s activities. So it could be argued that staying elsewhere was you doing an extra activity but it happens to be at night. However, I do see their point too. You can easily get extra insurance for one night.
    Now we have traveled with other companies, we realize that Tauck insurance is less expensive and more comprehensive especially as it has the cancel for any reason included.
    I guess it would not be polite to ask why you are not staying on the ship! Good luck with this complication.

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    Let me see if I can understand this. You are throwing away a day of your Tauck trip that costs well over a thousand dollars a day, and you are worried about the insurance coverage?

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    Sealord: that was brilliant.

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    Yes - crazy, I know! For us it's not the money but the experience. We've been to windmills in The Netherlands - interesting but once is enough. I've heard they also go to a cheese farm. But, just a few weeks ago we had a great lunch at a cheese farm in Tuscany (traveling on our own). So, the intent is to go to The Hague and see some new sights. We've seen The Mauritshuis Museeum on an Art Tour but there were other sights we missed. At our age we aren't sure how many more trips we'll be able to cram in before we become couch potatoes. So, a new experience triumphs.

    British - thanks for saying that one day insurance is possible. I had checked a few years ago with a company and was told I had to insure the whole trip, not just a part of it. I agree with you - Tauck insurance is reasonable. We love that they don't ding you on age. Sealord: I was worried about insurance because I want to be covered should anything happen - you never know - but I will be relieved if I can get that coverage or if another conversation with Tauck produces coverage for that day.

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    Good luck and enjoy your adventure!

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    The last time I checked Insure My Trip they required that all of your trip be covered by the quote. On the other hand you can by ‘annual’ insurance that covers your selected items. You would then have multiple coverages but it would cover your ‘on your own’ day.

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