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Does anyone have any programs of daily activity on “ Cruising the Seine plus London and Paris “ that you can post ? Thanks


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    The daily programs are far too voluminous to post in their entirety and, in my opinion, are not an appropriate way to use the forum. I took this tour in April and would be happy to answer any questions.

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    A few photos of the programs is no big deal but they may not be the same for a tour going forward

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    Even with daily programs the itinerary and schedules can change unexpectedly due to unforeseen events such as malfunctioning locks, traffic issues, illnesses, et al. Perhaps kcfromkc merely wanted to know what time dinner was served or what the evening entertainment was.

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    Just want to get a sense of timing . A few days they say afternoon is free . Is that after 12 noon or 3 PM . Have been on many Tauck tours never a river boat .

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    edited June 2023


    The touring days are generally long and we did have some unforeseen events, none of which detracted from the overall enjoyment of the trip. For the "free" afternoons, we returned to the boat for lunch and were invited to attend an onboard chocolate demonstration one afternoon and a lecture by a historian on D-Day events another afternoon. The days we toured the region of Normandy were very long with late afternoon returns which did not afford us much time to freshen up and dress for dinner.

    I hope my comments have been beneficial and that you enjoy your first Tauck riverboat experience. It probably won't be your last!

    Edited to remove redundancy.

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    Thank you

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