Tips on River Cruises

We're going on a similar River cruise nest Spring. This will be our first cruise and we are both in our seventies. Any advice would be appreciated.


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    Not sure what you mean but there is no tipping on Tauck river cruises. It's all included.

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    I am thinking that MimiTrudy is probably asking for advice. The English language is sometimes hard to figure out. Tips could mean advice, or it could mean gratuity.

    For a river cruise it is probably ideal for seventy somethings. We have been on 2 Tauck river cruises and my guess is that the 70’s group probably is close to the majority of guests.

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    If you are looking for general information on river cruising with Tauck, I will be happy to assist. You will also find some information on their website but it is not very specific. Hope to hear from you again.

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    If its general advice about river cruises then I'd suggest reading lots of older threads here starting with Seine cruises but also others. You can learn a lot about the ships amenities, life on board, how the itineraries work, what to pack, etc. Loads of useful info. Then if something is unclear you can come back to the forum and get help.

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