Suggestions for Early Arrival Activity?

Has anyone done whale watching out of Vancouver? We are looking for an activity to do the day before the tour begins. Would appreciate feedback on that or other suggestions as well. We are scheduled to leave at the beginning of August (assuming the wildfires don't interfere).


  • Not sure what your expectations are but having grown up in Seattle the whale watching is similar. It typically would be orcas that would be spotted. While fun to see I don't find them interesting as humpback whale watching that you might find in Hawaii. Humpbacks will occasionally put on spectacular shows when they breach the surface and then make a large splash upon return to the water. Large breaches are not as common for orcas.

    Some other suggestions for Vancouver would be walking around Stanley Park, the public market, the aquarium, or simply along the beach.

    Vancouver is a very diverse and vibrant city. You should have no problem finding things to fill your free time.

  • We have not done whale watching there. Here are some of the activities we have enjoyed:

    Granville Island - The Public Market is beyond description and is a great place to wander through and get a bite to eat.
    Stanley Park - The Seawall route offers views of the coastline and is easily walkable.
    Gastown Neighborhood - Another great place to stroll. Be sure to view the Gastown Steam Clock which whistles when telling time.
    If staying at the Fairmont, you can also walk along the water's edge and watch the ships come and go.

    We loved this tour so much that we took it twice. Have a marvelous time and please post a review afterwards.

  • Has anyone taken the trip in 2023? We are going in a few weeks. Any hints or things we should know about?

  • I do not believe this tour has changed much, if at all, since its inception. Be prepared for stunningly beautiful vistas. Enjoy.

  • we can use the same electric plugs as we have in the states? there isn't a need for a converter etc?

  • JandR- Most all of North America uses the US standard for voltage and plugs. Canada is definitely same. Just a few countries in Central America and the Caribbean are different.

  • Thank you

  • Has anyone been on this recently? We are going in 2 weeks and wanted to know any helpful hints that you might want to pass along. thank you

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