Prague Free Time

Was there adequate free time in Prague to visit the Prague Castle on your own? Did you stay an xtra day?


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    meri, when are you taking this trip? I’m holding reservations for August 2024.
    Prague is a beautiful city and worthy of an extra day (or 2) at the end of the trip.

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    When we were there a tour of the castle was included

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    Yes, same when we went

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    The Jewish Heritage tour does not go to Prague Castle. There is free time on the last afternoon to spend as you wish. Not sure how many hours that is, and if there’s time during the tour to see it. My suggestion, Meri is to stay an extra day and tour it on your own. You can also call Tauck and ask about what time you’ll be returning to the hotel and see if there’s adequate time to visit. It is definitely worth the visit!

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