Room Selection on the Windstar

Which is better - to book a room on the Windstar midship on deck 1 or midship on deck 2? Why?


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    Most of the rooms are the same with portholes. No elevators. On Deck 1, when entering port, the most convenient stairway midship is closed to the back half of the ship (aft). You go up a utility stairway. A minor inconvenience though.

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    Ships, depending on the hull shape, weight distribution, and waves encountered, can roll side-to-side, pitch up and down fore and aft, and even follow a corkscrew motion. There are plenty of sources, technical and not, that say the motion is least and the best place to be is where- at one of the center(s) but mainly the metacenter where fore and aft and rolling motions should be the least, and center of buoyancy also called the center of mass.

    All that being said, we didn't encounter any rough seas and barely knew Wind Star was underway during Treasures of the Aegean. Just in case, we booked an "AX"cabin (#230) on deck #2, but I doubt there is much of a difference and frankly probably not worth the $1000 difference in price over a "B" cabin. As bucketlist said, except for location, all cabins are exactly the same size and have exactly the same layout. Most cabins are generally centered about midships, but all above the waterline (and metacenter). To get to almost anywhere on the ship, you must use "ladders" (stairs). As the case with hotels, etc., except for sleeping, you won't spend much time in your cabin.

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    As Alan said, the rooms on the Wind Star (Windstar is the company) are all identical except for the one owner’s suite which is not particularly spectacular. We have cruised with Windstar seventeen times, and we have three more bookings thru January of 2024, and we have been on all of their ships. Our next cruise is “Treasures of the Aegean” on the Wind Star and we have a cat B room. The trip is sold out so I do not expect any upgrades, which really would not matter much. We are cruising on the Wind Surf in January, and due to our Yacht Club level, we have already received a double upgrade to a TX room … which is identical to our booked BX room, but it is on the higher deck with the suites. The difference is only the location. I think on the Wind Star what I would consider the preferable rooms are the ones that are near, but not immediately adjacent to the stairs … no elevators. When you get aboard the “Star” boats with Windstar, which are all suite ships, there is definitely a difference between the different level suites. The higher level suites on the Star Breeze and sisters are quite spectacular.

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