Footwear for Provence based on prior travellers?

We are joining the tour on 10/17/23 in Marseille. anyone have experience with the terrain on this tour? It says hiking shoes, which we have, but they are pretty heavy. Thoughts appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    You do not need hiking shoes in my opinion, just shoes that offer good support. I typically wear ankle boots because I need a bit more ankle support and I prefer hard soles. Unless they have changed the itinerary, there are no hikes per se, just leisurely walks through vineyards and/or lavender fields. I always bring along some leather cleaner/wipes if I think my shoes will get a little dusty.

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    I am still a bit torn on shoes. I will be doing a Week In... on similar dates. Instead of hiking boots, I am considering getting some trail runner low top sneakers. But they are pretty tacky lol

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    I've never taken this particular tour but have been to some of the sights on our Rhone cruise. I don't see much in the itinerary description that requires serious hiking boots but that's a personal choice and what you're comfortable wearing. I did note that one of the hikes was in Roussillon in the quarries. Be aware that you'll like be walking in the same red ochre soil the town is famous for. I wouldn't wear any shoes that couldn't be thoroughly cleaned afterwards unless you want them permanently dyed red. It's still worth going. One of our favorite stops.

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    Just returned from this trip. Took Hoka running shoes and sneakers for excursions. No need for hiking shoes.

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