Packing: how much & what?

I see in other forums that Tauck provides a duffle and that you are allowed a carry on.
-- How big is the duffle?
-- How large a carry on? I assume no rolling bags, but a back pack, Vera Bradley type duffle, or what???
-- Recommendations for how many changes of clothes. 3 shirts, 3 pants and washing in between?
-- Are there dressier dinners? Is a sport coat needed, dinner dresses?

Any other tidbits to help are appreciated!
Going in Oct '23.



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    There are literally hundreds of posts about duffels, etc.
    The duffel with wheels is a new thing, they never had wheels in the past, but some people have already posted pictures of them on the forum, you can do a search in the box in the right hand corner, rolling duffels….and the latest ones will come up and hopefully you will find the one with the photos.
    I use a Vera Bradley duffel on all my tours as a carry on.
    I haven’t taken this tour, it’s fairly new, I had it booked pre pandemic, then post pandemic but couldn’t get flights to Vic Falls without a more than day long layover, so canceled, never rebooked it….but I’ve been everywhere on other itineraries with Tauck in the past and some more than once.
    You might need slightly dressier clothes for when you get to Cape Town for site seeing in a modern city and dinner in the hotel at night. My husband has never taken a jacket to Africa. It’s up to you how many changes of clothes to take. Some e people do only take three changes of clothes, I’ve never taken so few clothes, maybe seven changes depending on how long I’m going main thing is weight in the duffels. Our safari clothing is very lightweight. We have had laundry done, but not often. The laundry in Cape Town will be expensive, but relatively cheap and fast in camps. At the camps, most people don’t change for dinner as after the afternoon/evening safari you tend to go straight to dinner. If there is time, you might shower and put on clean safari clothes you might them wear the next day.
    I’m going to Botswana and Zimbabwe in November, can’t wait.

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