First Tauck tour!

First timer and getting excited for this trip! Any quick tips for gals dinner wear during early October? Assuming casual + but any past experienced Tauck travelers during this early fall season is appropriated. Tia.


  • Haven't taken this trip but we have taken 10 other Tauck trips including last year's trip to Croatia, which ended in Venice. People don't dress up anymore. Travelers tend to wear resort casual. On a Tauck trip it is not unusual to have dinner immediately after a long day's tour schedule. That said, Europe tends to be more formal than the US. In any case this will be a great trip and traveling with Tauck is always a great experience. Have fun.

  • Linda, you can of course wear a dress if that's what you prefer but most of the women will likely be in dress slacks and nice top. My basic plan in 1 pair of black dress slacks, 2-3 nice tops and a pair of flats that go with everything. You can add a bit of bling, a scarf and with cooler weather you might want a nice wrap or sweater. If my day wear was very casual that day like athleisure or jeans, I'll likely dress a little nicer for any meals in the Tauck hotel or planned venues.

  • We did this tour in late April, it was also our first Tauck tour. We loved it, you will have a great time.
    People were a little more dressed up for the welcome dinner but as the week went on it seemed to get more casual.
    You can’t go wrong with slacks and a nice top or sweater for dinners,
    I hope you get Andrea as the tour director, he was fabulous.

  • After you’re first Tauck your, I bet you’ll be planning a second and a third.

  • Linda_1012,

    I have visited those cities independently. The best advice I can give is to research the venues and plan your attire accordingly. If you are planning pre-and-post-tour days and will be eating in finer dining establishments, then you may wish to dress up. I like to wear dresses/skirts and my husband always wears a suit jacket. It is our choice, not a requirement.

    The Europeans, particularly the older generation, do dress up far more than Americans do. I have dual citizenship--Denmark and U.S.--so I do have direct experience with some cultural norms. Nonetheless, do what you think is right for you.

    As OurTravels34 mentioned, your first Tauck tour will probably not be your last! Don't fret over attire. Enjoy yourself and please report back after your trip. Warm wishes.

  • Took this trip 2019. Casual clothing will be fine. I hope your TD is Cristina. She was great.

  • Thnx everyone! I think I will be be prepared but of course can always pick up something if needed while there! Cannot wait for this new adventure! 🇮🇹

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