Chefs Signature Dinner

I see the Chefs signature dinner on our itinerary . Is this a special night ? Can anyone shed some light ?


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    Most nights on board you have a choice of starters, soups, mains, and dessert. For the Signature Dinner it may be more of a set menu. I looked at one of mine from a 2019 cruise and there was a choice of mains. It's not a super fancy evening. Just a chance for the chef to feature a particular menu.

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    Thanks Claudia

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    The Chefs dinner on our recent river cruise on the Seine was exceptional.  We just returned last week.  It was mostly French food with lots of choices.  This cruise was very enjoyable and the people on board were extremely friendly and lots of fun. 

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    edited September 2023

    Having taken this tour last April, I certainly agree with Noreen. It was, indeed, an elegant evening with delicious cuisine and free-flowing, superb wine choices. Enjoy.

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