E-visa for Tanzania

Our safari is in July 2024 and I'm starting to look into how to obtain visas. The company suggested by Tauck, visacentral.com, has terrible online reviews, citing poor customer service, major rip-off tactics, etc. Has anyone obtained an e-visa using another method?


  • We have used Visa Central for different visas in the past including Tanzania. You can now do them online. We are also going in July and our plan is to do that this time.

  • Cindy, what a date is your tour? You can PM me if you like.

  • You can do this online yourself. The major challenges are taking the photos and reducing the photo file to the size required. You can make your photos with an iPhone against a white background. I needed to research how to reduce the photo to the size required which took some time. Once you apply it takes a couple days to check back to see if your application cleared, if not you reapply. I emailed to request status and got a prompt reply. Using visa central seemed to require my doing the work then paying them a fee. It was a bit frustrating as I am not that computer savvy but if I can do it anyone can. We took copies but no one requested them on the trip; apparently it is all online.
    This is a wonderful trip. Enjoy.

  • Thank you Augri! That makes me feel much better!

  • Thanks, British! I just sent you a PM. Hope it goes through!

  • I also figured out how to reduce the file size of a photo(s). It’s easy on a Apple computer using Preview. This was necessary to do with a photo of passports, another set of photos, itinerary and air flights. The pictures were actually easier than a paper with text on it. In that case, I screen shot the paper with text on it and then reduced the file size.

  • I’ve always done our K&T visas myself. I looked at visa central and filling out their forms is no easier than just doing the visa yourself … it just costs a lot more. The only problem I had was one time Kenya sent me an old visa from a past trip, and I did not notice until I got to the border. After a lot of hassle they just let me buy another visa. They were actually very nice and tried to help me solve the problem. I had the necessary info on my ipad but it was in the cloud and I did not have a Wifi connection.

  • We completed our own online for our upcoming Tanzania trip a month or so ago. Like Augrl said, sizing the photos was the hardest part. I scanned the extra copies of our passport photos and finally made it work. We had our visas within 3 days.

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    If you have an older version of MS Office you can resize photos in “Picture Manager”

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