Capetown Or Johannesburg airport South Africa?

I am arranging air travel back to the U.S. from South Africa and have a choice of flying out direct from Johannesburg OR Capetown.
Which is the easier one to navigate?


  • Both airports are not overly large and relatively straightforward to navigate. Johannesburg has a reputation for hustlers trying to take advantage of you in the unsecure areas. Assuming you're taking a Tauck tour, the easiest airport is going to be the one where your tour ends. Tauck will drive you to the airport and, if my memory serves, escort you to check in.

  • I agree with Ken although I do prefer the airport in Cape Town for the reason he stated. At Joberg airport only allow officials in orange shirts/jackets to assist you. Otherwise, you might be scammed.

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    Thanks Ken & SandyFeet. Actually my tour ends in Windhoek. I'll most likely choose Capetown to fly out of.

  • Stellie, I don’t know if this helps. We are flying TO Windhoek in a couple of months from Doha, non- stop, I assume you can do that in reverse. So no stops in South Africa at all. We will be returning from Zimbabwe so I can’t help that way.

  • British thanks. Taking back to back tours. Elegant tour first and then Namibia tour second. So flying out of Zimbabwe to Johannesburg to Namibia. Then at end of tour Windhoek to Cape town ( UNITED POLARIS Direct to Newark to St. louis)
    UNITED has increased the direct flights from South Africa.!! Lots of folks must be traveling!

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    Yes. Very popular. Flights were so difficult to find a couple of years ago. We had to cancel one trip to Africa because the flights would not work
    Although my Namiba Tour is not with Tauck, I’ll post anything that might be useful. My second time.

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