Portrait of India post tour

we will be staying in Mumbai for two days after the tour. any suggestions for sightseeing that was not included on the actual tour?
very interested in history and local culture. thanks for your input.


  • Congratulations on picking a great tour. It's one of our all-time favorites. We stayed an extra day in Mumbai (back in 2012) and did a private tour with another couple. We hired the local guide that Tauck used, but you could certainly book a tour guide through the hotel concierge.

    The current itinerary mentions the dabbawalas (lunch delivery men). If you don't see it on the tour, have you guide take you to the commuter train station to see the dabbawalas transfering the lunches from the trains to the delivery men. Fascinating.

    We also visited a Portuguese Christian neighborhood called Khotachiwadi.

    We also visited a step well. While not architecturally interesting, like some other step wells in India, it's amazing that this still survives in the modern city.

  • Loved Portrait of India--one of my Top 3 Tauck Tours!

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