Northern Spain, The Rioja Valley and Madrid

Pre Barcelona trip- Is anyone arriving in Barcelona early. We are booked on the Northern Spain, The Rioja Valley and Madrid trip for October 9-22, 2024. We have made reservations at Disfrutar at their Living Table. The date is Monday October 7, 2024 Is any one that is going on the Northern Spain, The Rioja Valley and Madrid tour is interested in joining a group for dinner? Disfrutar is a Michelin star restaurant in experimental tasting menus that emphasize Mediterranean seafood. We saw the recommendation from World Chef Jose Andres from World Kitchen.


  • Sounds wonderful. Andres is a talented chef and I respect and admire him for his humanitarian efforts. If I hadn't already taken this tour (different name and some itinerary changes), I would certainly join you. There are so many great areas once away from Las Ramblas (merely an opinion). Please consider posting a review after your tour. Enjoy.

  • Since being mugged on the Ramblas, it is not our favorite area. Don’t take any valuables there. The thieves work in teams … one does a distraction, and the other steals your stuff.

  • I don't have any comments about the restaurant, but Barcelona is a wonderful, interesting city. We hired a private guide, Javier, for one day while we were there and it was very worth while (

    We didn't have any problems with crime, and weren't warned about it, but take Sealord's warning to heart. Always be prepared and on the lookout.

  • In Barcelona we ate one night at
    El Asador de Aranda Restaurant
    At Av del Tibidado, 31, 08022
    We sat on the terrace (which I highly recommend) and the Entrecote, and everything else, was excellent.
    We had to take a taxi there but it was well worth it.
    Definitely NOT filled with tourists and a lovely experience.
    Ps- have them call you a cab before you leave.
    BTW- Las ramblas was never considered a safe place to walk so be very aware of your surroundings at all times.

  • We are taking this tour in September. Did anyone use Uber while in Barcelona?

  • No need. Cabs are everywhere and inexpensive. Credit cards accepted. Make sure your destination is writen out in Spanish as English is limited.

  • When I was last in Madrid, I used taxis. I’m taking this trip later in the year, if Ubers are not available I’ll use taxis.

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    We have used taxis whenever and wherever we’ve been in spain. Check the meters are on.

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    Try and find where the taxi stands are

  • We are doing this tour in May. Will report back!

  • Look forward to that, thank you!

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